Who Am I ?

Hey, I’m Daniel López residing in this beautiful world. I create desktop software, web apps and mobile apps with nice UX and UI design. I have done work with companies like Mediatek Sistemas, Sequel Business Solutions and Accenture. Meet me or Contact me for any queries.

In this website you can find any information you would need to contact me, if you finally can't find what you are looking for... Bye!

  • Birthdate 23-03-1986
  • Work As Developer
  • Lives In Malaga (Spain)


  • iPhone Apps Development

    I have done a few iPhone/iPad apps, most of them are games. I love games. I play games. I create them.

  • Web Apps Development

    At the present time I am creating web apps for Sequel Business Solutions, a great English company based in London.

  • Desktop Development

    I have developed several desktop applications, as a hobbie, to make proffit, or as requirement.

My Workflow

  • Think
  • Design
  • Code
  • Test
  • Launch


  • HTML (85%)
  • CSS (85%)
  • JavaScript (80%)
  • TypeScript (90%)
  • C# (90%)
  • Visual Basic 6.0 (70%)
  • C++ (70%)
HTML CSS JavaScript TypeScript C# VB 6.0 Objective-C
  • Angular80%
  • Entity Framework70%
  • MongoDB60%
  • QlikView70%
  • Microsoft SQL Server70%
  • Web API80%
  • ServiceStack75%
  • Objective-C85%
  • placeholder-img

    Halloween Prank iPad App

  • placeholder-img

    Crazy Jungle Universal App

  • placeholder-img

    Catalog  Sapa Building Systems

  • placeholder-img

    Super Tomato Infinite Runner game

  • placeholder-img

    Crazy Wrods My first Online Game

  • placeholder-img

    Crazy Cosmos   Space physics game

  • placeholder-img

    Smash Them   First tutorial-game

Get in Touch

Other Details

(Spanish prefix) 660 933 297


Malaga - Spain